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Superman Ice Cream

This vegan ice cream recipe brings back all the nostalgia of this childhood favorite without all the unhealthy ingredients, and with superfoods instead! This recipe is made using minimal ingredients, and is perfect for kids! This recipe is vegan, plant based, gluten-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free!

Happy Monday friends! I am starting to see some leaves fall on the ground here in South Carolina, but I am desperately holding onto summer. I love the summer heat and hate the cold, can you relate? With that said, I wanted to get one final summer recipe out, before diving into fall/winter recipes. I have been so excited about this recipe for so long, because it's one of my childhood favorites. I have talked previously how my family was an ice cream obsessed family, so veganizing/making a healthy version was a must.

I have had a lot of success with my other ice cream recipes. I have made a Strawberry Ice Cream recipe, and a simple Vanilla Ice Cream recipe. Both recipes use the same base, which is created with whole foods plant based ingredients. These Ice creams have become crowd favorites, and are one of my favorite things to make for friends and family.

This vegan ice cream recipe has a very thick and rich texture. I should put out a little PSA that these photos make it look like it doesn't thicken up at all, but the air conditioning in my house was broken during this photoshoot, so it was 85 degrees, and it melted very fast! When you are making this recipe you can play around a little bit and add some water as the ice cream is churning to achieve a lower fat ice cream. Although this recipe is created with healthy plant based fats, it is not a low fat recipe, so that may be something to consider when making this recipe! I have experimented with it a little, and I find it works best to add water a tablespoon at a time at the very end of the churning process, when it's taken shape some.

This recipe is not only free of unhealthy ingredients, but it also contains superfoods! If you've been around for awhile, you already know what's coming, but if you're new, then let me introduce you to Rawnice . Rawnice is a company that makes superfood food coloring powders. I love eating colorful foods, before I embarked on my health journey, I loved anything and everything that was artificially colored. However, those days are far behind me, and now I have completely cut out artificial colors (as well as sweeteners). When I discovered Rawnice I was completely obsessed. They have so many superfood powders to choose from, the color options are endless. I am an ambassador for them, but I would honestly be sharing their products regardless. You can use my code: "NATURALVEGAN15" for 15% off if you want to try them out! This recipe uses blue spirulina, pink pitaya, and yellow curcumin to create this fun color combo!

While this is not a churn-free Ice cream recipe, I think you may be able to make it churn-free. My guess would be to create the ice cream base without the coloring in it and freeze it. I would check on it every so often, and mix it up to ensure it doesn't freeze into a solid block. I would then mix the colors in with a blender once you have achieved a thicker texture, then swirl the colors together and freeze again. Honestly, this sounds like a lot of work. I can confidently say that buying an ice cream maker is totally worth it. I didn't have one for a long time, but it has been game changing having one. This is the one I have:

I love this ice cream maker. It's simple and easy to clean. The only thing is it's a little small, but honestly I like that because its easy to store, and it's not like I'm making ice cream for a large crowd anyways! I think it's about time we get to that recipe!


Serves: 6

Total Time: 45 minutes churning, 1 Hour additional freeze


-All ingredients used in my vegan ice cream base recipe:

- 1 Tsp Rawnice Blue Spirulina

- 1 Tsp Rawnice Yellow Curcumin

- 1 Tsp Rawnice Pink Pitaya


  1. Follow directions for the ice cream base here.

  2. Once you have a solid ice cream after churning, divide into three sections. Add the colors to each section and mix. If you don't achieve an even color you may need to blend. Once you have the colors evenly mixed, add scoops of each color to your ice cream container and freeze for one hour. Scoop, serve, and enjoy!

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