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  • Katie

Crispy Thai Tofu Tacos

A pleasant fusion of Mexican and Thai cuisines to create a delicious plant based recipe that is loaded with low calorie vegetables, gluten-free and high protein. This dish is super easy to make and perfect to get you on track for a healthy new year! This vegan recipe is gluten-free, oil-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, plant based, and high fiber!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year, who is feeling super motivated for 2021? I sure am, 2020 was obviously not a great year for a lot of people, but for me personally the year started great. I had surgery right when Covid-19 lockdowns began, and I used the time to recover without stress, which was amazing. Throughout the summer I was staying at my parents house(I'm a college student) for break, and I got my parents as well as my younger brother to get on a full on whole foods plant based vegan diet. It was the healthiest I've ever been in my entire life hands down. Every week the fridge was full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the pantry was stocked with whole grains, beans, and legumes. We ate as minimally processed as possible, and all collectively lost weight! We did this by eating lower calorie dense foods, so we were fully satisfied, yet eating less total calories throughout the day.

You are probably scoffing at reading this, thinking that we are some privileged rich family who only shops at Whole Foods and everything is organic...Dead wrong. We achieved this lifestyle on the weekly budget of $130 for 4, that's right $32.5 per person! It's actually so amazing how inexpensive, yet delicious eating healthy can be.

Time has passed however, and when I was back at school I started struggling to stay on this health "kick". Cooking for 1 is a lot harder than a family of 4. I still eat a very healthy diet, but being at home by myself most of the time, and having to prep meals, I find myself snacking a lot more than before. I hate to admit it, but when I am eating with others I need someone else to finish the food being served, or else I find myself slowly adding servings to my plate until all the foods gone (this is also because I can't stand people who waste food, but that's a topic for another day!) so when it's just me and the food, I eat way more. Therefore I can admit that I fell off the wagon a little bit at the end of 2020.

However, new year, new me you feel? I am ready to get back to eating super healthy, and feeling my absolute best! Where does that start? You should know the answer, 'drum roll please...' Vegetables! Yep God's greatest gift to us (aside from you know, like babies and stuff). Vegetables are so key in a healthy diet, even if you're not vegan, and variety is key. Even if you can just sub out 1/4 or your serving of meat, dairy, or processes food for a vegetable, you're doing your body wonders. It's also important that you have diversity in your fruits and vegetables. Did you know there is over 300,000 edible plants! This is important for Gut health so that the bacteria in your gut (pretty much does everything for you) can function properly. In order to do this they need different fiber, fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals from different plants. Remember this next time you're in the produce aisle picking up the carrots and tomatoes, there's so much more to choose from!

That concept is actually what inspired this recipe. I know, I know carrots are one of the main ingredients. Carrots are not what inspired this. I was shopping at one of my favorite local grocery stores, (shoutout Rosewood Market in Columbia, SC) and I saw a Daikon radish. I have had a dish with a Daikon radish before, but have never cooked with one before, so I said let's do it. I had leftover purple cabbage, and carrots, all I needed was taco shells and tofu, super inexpensive. I decided to bread the tofu with coconut flour to make this dish gluten-free, because why not, also coconut flour adds a bit of sweetness to it which I find very pleasant and is super high in fiber. Then I whipped up a delicious peanut ginger sauce to put on top, and bam! Super easy and delicious plant based meal to get you ready for a healthy New Year!


Serves: 6

Total time: 45 Minutes


- 2 Cups chopped red cabbage (about half of one)

- 5 Medium carrots

- 1 Daikon radish

- 12 Soft Gluten-free taco shells

- Cilantro

- Chopped peanuts

For the crispy tofu:

- 1 Block firm tofu

- 1/2 Cup almond flour

- 1/4 Cup Chickpea flour

- 1/3 Cup Shredded coconut

- 1 Tablespoon Liquid aminos or coconut aminos (I love coconut aminos, they're gluten-free!)

For the sauce:

- 1/2 Cup peanut butter

- 1 Teaspoon miso paste

- 2 Tablespoons date syrup

- Water to desired consistency


  1. Start by straining the tofu, you do not need to press it for this recipe, because the water helps the batter stick. Chop into cubes and marinate in the liquid aminos, or coconut aminos.

  2. Now onto the coconut mixture, Mix the almond four, chickpea flour, and shredded coconut together. Place breaded tofu onto a nonstick baking mat(you can also use an air fryer here, that may work better, I don't have one right now so that is the only reason I am not doing that).

  3. Bake tofu for 30 minutes or until edges are crispy and golden.

  4. Next start chopping all your vegetables, you could also peel or shred, your choice.

  5. To make the sauce simply combine all ingredients with water in a bowl and whisk until you get a smooth creamy sauce.

  6. Place the vegetables on the taco and then place tofu on top when it is finished. Coat with the peanut sauce, cilantro, and chopped peanuts and serve! Enjoy!

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