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Chocolate Caramel Chia Seed Pudding

This rich chia seed pudding recipe makes the perfect high protein breakfast or dessert. This complete meal is guaranteed to leave you fully satisfied and satiated! This recipe can be made single serve for a meal, or split into smaller servings for the perfect dessert! This recipe is vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, high protein, high fiber, and nutrient rich!

Happy Thursday friends! Yes, that's right, I have a special recipe for you guys coming on a Thursday! I know this week has been off with my typical MWF recipes, but I have had a lot of exciting and not so exciting stuff going on!

First the good: I finally have a job! I don't want to get into details about it, because I think that is something I want to keep private, but it is definitely a stress reliever! Second, I have finished up a bunch of work I had for collabs, so more time to create recipes exclusively for The All Natural Vegan. Now the not so exciting lol. I just broke my tripod during a shoot, so there is a major expense I was not expecting, and I am not looking forward to! However, I think it is a good opportunity for me to invest in an upgrade, because the tripod I was using was missing some key features that I really wanted.

Anyways, my point is that I have been a little distracted recently, so I have been all about simple recipes! I know that sometimes my recipes may be a little complicated, and that is due to the fact that I love cooking so much so it's fun for me when it's complicated. However I know that not everyone is like this. That's why I am bringing you a simple, yet absolutely delicious recipe today! I created The All Natural Vegan, because I wanted a place where all different kinds of people could come and experience the benefits of The All Natural Vegan. I did not want to create a website that was exclusive to people who could afford to buy 100% organic and every type of superfood on the planet, or on the other hand create a website that would only target people who want cheap and simple. That is why it is my goal to create an abundant variety of healthy plant based recipes, so you never have to worry about food again!

This is why I am such a fan of chia seed pudding, it brings groups together. Chia seeds are a "superfood", but they are affordable, and super easy to use! When I first went vegan in college I made chia seed pudding in my dorm all the time. It was perfect because I could make a whole bunch at one time and store it in my mini fridge for the whole week. It was the easiest dorm meal prep! It was perfect when I didn't have a car and I needed something that I could easily make that would give me lots of nutrients!

Back in the early vegan days I didn't really focus on nutrients, and I was missing out! Nowadays I try to pack in as many nutrients as possible into every meal! This is easy with stuff like stir fry's and salads, but these sweet treats it is much harder to do, or so I thought.

I bet you guys know what's coming lol. Plantfusion baby! I have been obsessed with this brand for about a year now and for good reason! They create a super broad range of vegan protein powders and supplements (literally anything you could ever imagine!). I have tried almost all their products and I can honestly say that there is not a single one I dislike! However I can say there is one that I love a little more than all the rest, and that's this one! The chocolate caramel complete meal protein is seriously one of the most delicious things I've ever had(you think I am exaggerating, but I am not haha). It is so creamy and flavorful that it instantly elevates the flavor of any dish. Not only is the taste delicious, but the product nutritional profile is outstanding!

This product specifically:

  • "Provides Essential Fatty Acids – flax and algae oils provide essential fatty acids (EFA) that the body cannot produce. These are important for the normal functioning of all body tissues.

  • Sustains Energy – precise blend of cruciferous greens, ancient grains, and superfoods all hand-selected through our Select Source™ process.

  • Builds and Repairs Muscle – amino acid infused protein blend for complete balance. The only plant protein that compares to animal proteins like whey.

  • Promotes Balanced Health – 21 wholefood vitamins and minerals plus phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables energize the body.

  • Easy to Digest - fortified with digestive enzymes and free of major allergens.

  • No Bad Stuff! - certified Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan. As part of our Purity Promise™ we are also committed to being free of dairy, soy, rice, eggs, nuts, fish, tree nuts, shellfish, artificial flavors and colors.

  • Naturally Delicious - our Flavor Pure™ blend of natural flavors and sweeteners allows us to consistently rank as one of the best tasting protein shakes by consumers"

I mean come on, need I say more? Now, obviously I copied that from their website, but I thought I'd save you the time and have it all here. I am not saying any of this just because I am an ambassador for them and I want sales. I genuinely love this product that much. It makes you never want another protein powder again, because it tastes delicious, and you'll feel amazing!

However if you do want to try out this protein (highly recommended) you can use the code "NATURALVEGAN", or head to this link , and get 25% off your entire purchase, yay for affordable! You can also add 2 samples of any other Plantfusion products to your order for free! It's such a great value. You can also get all your vitamins there while your at it. I definitely recommend buying vitamins and supplements from PlantFusion, because they are certified vegan (you'd be surprised how many supplements aren't vegan friendly, even one's that are "vegetarian friendly" aren't always vegan!).

I know I talk about Plantfusion a little excessively, but I just genuinely believe that there is not a better protein out there, and I want to spread the word! I think it's about time to get to the recipe! I will also be sharing this recipe to Instagram via Reels, but I wanted to make sure all my audiences have access to it! Let's get to it then!


Serves 1-4

Total time: 5 minutes + 1 Hour wait time


For the CHocolate Caramel Chia Seed Pudding:

For the Magic shell (oil free!)

  • 1/4-1/2 Bar of 100% Cacao chocolate bar

  • 1 Tablespoon Coconut Butter (Such a healthier choice than coconut oil!)

My 2-Ingredient Caramel


See video on my Instagram/Tiktok, or follow these steps:

  1. Place chia seeds, Plantfusion protein powder, and plant based milk in a bowl and mix until combined

  2. Place in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

For the Oil free magic shell:

  1. Melt the chocolate bar with the coconut butter either in the microwave, or on a double broiler. mixing frequently. Once melted pour over chia seeds and let cool. If you only left your chia seeds in the fridge for an hour, place the magic shell covered pudding in the freezer for 5. minutes.

  2. Top with my plant based caramel and enjoy!