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  • Katie

Asian Peanut Salad

This Thai inspired salad is loaded with flavor and super-foods to get you on the right track for the new year. This salad combines the wonderful combination of peanut and ginger to create the perfect vegan dressing. I made this recipe very budget friendly, but will offer some alterations if your budget is willing.

Who's ready for some super healthy salads for the new year? I sure am. Around the Holidays I always gain a little extra weight, which I am okay with because it allows me to be present and enjoy the delicious treats. However that time has come to an end and I am ready to slim down and get back to feeling my best. I like this lifestyle, because it doesn't require a strict diet, or calorie counting, but just simply making healthier choices. Healthy choices are honestly super easy at the core. Just choose things that are colorful(and no artificial colors don't count) and come from the earth. Fruits and vegetables are full of so many nutrients and low in calories, which allows you to eat large and lose weight all while feeling fully satiated.

Throughout my years eating vegan, I have grown to absolutely love Thai food, because it usually contains large quantities of vegetables, and the flavor combinations are endless. My go to combination is peanut and ginger with a hint of sesame. I also love doing ginger lime, or a spicy green curry. This salad dressing was made super easy thanks to the Ginger People minced ginger. I love this, because it saves time when you're in a rush and want to whip up a dressing, or sauce. It is also great, because it keeps for a long time so you don't have to worry about your ginger going bad in between uses.

Some of the variations you could try out when making this is replacing the peas with edamame, or using green cabbage instead of purple (purple does contain a lot more vitamins so keep that in mind). You could also add peanuts instead of cashews, the list goes on. Feel free to adjust to your liking, but aim to keep the dish bright and colorful. Let's get to the recipe now!


Total time: 20 Minutes

Serves: 6-8


- 1 Small purple cabbage, or 1/2 large

- 1 English cucumber

- 2 Cups sweet peppers

- 1 Bunch cilantro

- 3 Large carrots

- 1 1/2 Cup peas

- 1/2 Cup cashews

- 3 Scallions

For the dressing:

- 1/2 Cup peanut butter

- 1 Tablespoon minced ginger

- 3 Cloves garlic, minced

- 2 Teaspoons liquid aminos

- 1 Tablespoon rice vinegar

- 1 Tablespoon sesame oil

- 1/4 Cup water

- sesame seeds to top


  1. Start by letting your peas defrost. While the peas are defrosting, get out a large bowl and begin chopping your vegetables as follows; shred, or very thinly chop cabbage, cut cucumber into half moons, shred carrots, roughly chop cilantro, and cut scallions and peppers into disks.

  2. Combine all vegetables in the large bowl with peas and cashews and set aside.

  3. To make the dressing combine all ingredients together in small bowl and mix until thoroughly combined. You may need more or less water to reach your desired consistency.

  4. Once dressing is complete add to the vegetables and toss. Top with sesame seeds and serve!